About Streaming View

I am currently studying a BA Hons in Music Business at Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM). In this blog I intend to regularly cover and provide analysis to some of the most important and relevant issues surrounding the current and ongoing shift to the next paradigm of music consumption, Streaming.

Despite mountains of publicity which may well have have led you to believe otherwise, there are very clear and recent indicators that if understood, and embraced properly, Streaming and subscription models may well help to return the Music industry to a place of financial fruition, perhaps even surpassing the dizzy heights the industry reached when an album was able to sell 50 million physical copies.

Business always changes with technology, and there are companies who adapt, and there are companies who refuse to adapt, insisting that the consumer does not need nor require change. Historically, which companies are left behind?

Follow Streaming View to be ahead on all the news, controversy and developments surrounding this youthful, but undoubtedly dominant platform.


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